List of all Dutch Car Brands

The Dutch have been manufacturing trucks since 1928. Some of their auto parts are produced and assembled in Belgium and others are built and designed in England.

Since autos were scarce after World War II, DAF, Dutch's auto manufacturer, had a great opportunity to introduce their trucks. DAF made the following variety of cars: trucks, trailers and buses. DAF A30 was their first model truck.

The Dutch started out manufacturing seat belt drive autos and expanded development into cars that seated four passengers. They sold 4,000 cars at their first car show. In 1959 DAF started selling the DAF 600, the world's first car with a variable transmission. Years thereafter, the Dutch released the following models of cars: DAF 33, 44, 55 and 66.

In 1967, a new car production plant was opened by DAF in Born. The first model to be produced in the new Born plant was the 44.

In 1972, DAF merged with the International Harvester of Chicago.

DAF produced many various prototypes for such a small company at the time, and many other well known car manufacturers produced cars using DAF's strategy.

In 1975, DAF sold its car division to the Swedish company, Volvo, in order to concentrate on its more successful truck line.

In 1988, DAF introduced their 95 truck series. This bought them their first International Truck of the Year title. The 95 model offered driver comfort. It had high-roof space and spacious cabs. The cab design of the 95 model remains in production today as the 95XF and XF105.

DAF went bankrupt in 1993 due to difficult British markets. However, DAF Trucks was formed thereafter. DAF Trucks was taken over by PACCAR in 1996.

DAF manufactured trucks from 1980-2006. Their current truck models are: the CF series, XF series and the LF series.